Get to know me

As the first Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PPSC) in Bremen, A-Licence Fitness Trainer and with my many years of experience in general and health-oriented fitness, I am your contact for your individual training goal, from weight reduction to training for healthy ageing to improving physical complaints.


Heiko Klöpfer

Year of birth



Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PPSC)

Certified Fitness Coach A

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Medical Fitness Coach

Certified Fitness Coach B

BVDG (Federal Association of German Weightlifters) Barbell License

Certified Nutrition Coach

Master in Economical Engineering

Bank clerk


20+ years Fitness Coach (customers 14 - 85 old)

10+ years Track & Field Coach (Jumping/Decathlon)

4+ years Track & Field Junior Coachr (6 - 11 years old)

4+ years Athletics Coach Handball Youth Top League

35+ years Strength/Fitness-Training

Track & Field (High-/Long-/Triple Jump, Decathlon)

25+ years (Management-) Experience in Finance/Controlling/Sales/Process Management  in Shipbuilding/Construction Industry