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"Just" fit + Healthy

Do you want to "just get fitter", work out pain-free and improve physical ailments, or counteract the lack of exercise caused by your home office? The effort for this is less than you might think. I will be happy to support you with approaches that are suitable for everyday life. Just 1% of your time invested in "the right workout" can significantly improve your fitness and well-being.

Fit & Healthy Aging

Would you like to remain healthy and mobile into old age so that you can live independently for as long as possible, go on trips or play with your grandchildren? Strength, along with mobility and coordination, is the essential factor here. Even at an advanced age, significant improvements in physical performance, mobility and fall prevention can be achieved through targeted strength, mobility and coordination training. Together we will find ways to integrate the necessary training into your everyday life.


You want to shape your body according to your ideas, just "get rid of a few pounds", or your doctor has advised you to exercise more and lose weight due to a diagnosis such as diabetes or high blood pressure? To ensure that the positive changes are not only short-lived (keyword yo-yo effect), in addition to the reduction of "superfluous" body fat, the build-up or at least the maintenance of your musculature should be ensured at the same time. A diet that can be implemented in the long term plays an important role here. I will be happy to support you in achieving your goal in an undogmatic way that is suitable for everyday life.

Visiting Bremen

You are on a (business) visit in our beautiful city, but still don't want to miss your regular training session or are looking for a balance to long meetings or "heavy" business meals? I would be happy to train with you in your hotel gym, in my own training facility, with mobile equipment in your hotel room or, as a balance to stuffy meeting rooms, during a session in our beautiful Bürgerpark.

Athletic Training/performance

In every performance-oriented sport, targeted athletic training has become an indispensable factor. On the one hand, it improves the specific athletic movement. On the other hand, it also ensures that one's own body (e.g. joints, spine) remains as healthy as possible despite the sometimes extreme loads. As a former competitive athlete (high jump / long jump / triple jump) and with my coaching experience from individual and team sports, I can support you, whether individual athlete or team, targeted and taking into account your individual training periodization in improving your athletic performance.

Introduction To Fitness/Strength Training For Adults & Teens

You want a more individual instruction than it is possible via Youtube videos, or you feel not sufficiently prepared for your training by a 08/15 training instruction, as it is still common in some fitness studios? Your daughter/your son should receive a well-founded instruction in order to be able to train independently in a fitness studio afterwards? I will be happy to instruct you technically and methodically in the areas of fitness/strength training that are of interest to you, from bodyweight to barbell training, and share my knowledge from more than 20 years of experience as a trainer with you.